The Timeless Beauty of the 1955 Buick Century Riviera

The 1955 Buick Century Riviera holds a special place in the hearts of classic car enthusiasts. With its stunning design, powerful engine, and luxurious features, this car represents an era of automotive excellence. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, features, specifications, performance, and legacy of this iconic vehicle.


The 1955 Buick Century Riviera was introduced as part of Buick’s lineup for the model year. It was a part of the Century series, which was known for its combination of performance and luxury.

The Century Riviera was an instant hit, captivating car enthusiasts with its elegant styling and impressive performance.

Features and Specifications


Under the hood of the 1955 Buick Century Riviera lies a 322ci Nailhead V8 engine. This powerful engine was factory-rated at 236 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque when new. The Nailhead V8 featured a single carburetor, delivering a smooth and responsive driving experience.


The Buick Century Riviera came equipped with a Dynaflow automatic transmission. The Dynaflow transmission provided seamless shifting and enhanced driving comfort, making it a popular choice among buyers.


The exterior design of the 1955 Buick Century Riviera exudes elegance and sophistication. Finished in a vibrant red color with a contrasting white-colored roof, this car demands attention wherever it goes. The front-fender VentiPorts, pillarless side windows, and bright trim add to its timeless appeal.


Step inside the cabin of the Century Riviera, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious and comfortable interior. The plastic-covered bench seats are upholstered in red and white vinyl with black inserts, creating a striking visual contrast.

The dashboard features engine-turned aluminum trim, adding a touch of sophistication to the interior.


Thanks to its powerful engine and smooth transmission, the Buick Century Riviera delivers impressive performance on the road. The combination of the Nailhead V8 and Dynaflow transmission ensures effortless acceleration and a refined driving experience.

With its power-assisted four-wheel drums and factory-fitted power steering, the Century Riviera offers precise handling and braking capabilities.


The 1955 Buick Century Riviera has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. Its timeless design and exceptional performance have made it a sought-after classic car among collectors and enthusiasts. Owning a Century Riviera is like owning a piece of automotive history, representing an era when style and craftsmanship were paramount.


The 1955 Buick Century Riviera is a true classic car that embodies the spirit of automotive excellence. Its stunning design, powerful engine, luxurious features, and impressive performance make it an icon of its time. Whether you’re a vintage car enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of classic automobiles, the Century Riviera is sure to captivate your heart.


How many miles does the 1955 Buick Century Riviera have?

The odometer shows 21,000 miles, indicating its relatively low mileage.

Was the Buick Century Riviera available in different colors?

While the featured model is finished in red with a white roof, Buick offered various color options to cater to different preferences.

What is the condition of the exterior?

The vehicle appears to be in good condition, with detailed pictures provided in the gallery of the linked URL.

Does the Buick Century Riviera have any notable features?

Yes, the car is equipped with a power-adjustable front bench seat, power steering, power brakes, and a trunk-mounted air conditioner.

Can I purchase the 1955 Buick Century Riviera?

The car is currently offered by the selling dealer with a clean Maryland title. For more information on its availability and pricing, please contact the dealer directly.


In conclusion, the 1955 Buick Century Riviera represents a golden era of automotive design and performance. Its timeless beauty, luxurious features, and powerful engine continue to captivate car enthusiasts to this day. Whether admired in a showroom or cruising down the road, this classic car is a true testament to Buick’s commitment to excellence.

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