The Legendary 1973 Plymouth Barracuda: A Muscle Car Icon

The 1973 Plymouth Barracuda is a true automotive legend that encapsulates the essence of American muscle cars. With its powerful performance, striking design, and rich history, the Barracuda has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry.

In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating story behind the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, explore its remarkable features and specifications, and celebrate its enduring legacy.


The Plymouth Barracuda was first introduced in 1964 as a sporty variant of the Valiant model. It quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts for its aggressive styling and exceptional performance.

The 1973 model year marked a significant milestone for the Barracuda, as it underwent a redesign that further enhanced its appeal.

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Features and Specifications


The 1973 Plymouth Barracuda is equipped with a potent 340 cubic inch (5.6-liter) V8 engine. This engine delivers impressive power and torque, making the Barracuda a force to be reckoned with on the road.

The 340 V8 engine is known for its reliability and performance-oriented design, ensuring thrilling driving experiences.

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A 3-speed automatic transmission complements the Barracuda’s robust engine. This transmission offers smooth gear shifts and optimal power delivery, allowing drivers to effortlessly harness the car’s performance capabilities.


The exterior design of the 1973 Barracuda exudes a sense of power and aggression. The car features a striking Vitamin C orange paint job, accentuated by iridescent black decals.

The straight panels, well-maintained gaps, and black belt line decal that widens towards the rear contribute to the car’s overall aesthetic appeal. The rear deck panel houses four round taillights and is accompanied by a small chrome bumper, adding a touch of retro charm.


Step inside the Barracuda, and you’ll find an interior that perfectly complements its performance-oriented nature. The passenger compartment boasts excellent craftsmanship, with black vinyl shiny bucket seats and a rear bench featuring tuck and roll panels.

The center console, adorned with a wood-grained appliqué, houses a slap stick shifter. The black carpeting, clean dash, and well-preserved door panels further enhance the interior’s overall appeal.

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Thanks to its robust 340 V8 engine, the 1973 Barracuda delivers exhilarating performance on the road. The engine’s refreshment and the addition of a mild Erson cam contribute to enhanced power delivery.

The Barracuda’s rear-wheel-drive configuration, along with its 3.55 sure grip rear and quick-shifting transmission, ensures impressive acceleration and a thrilling driving experience.


The 1973 Plymouth Barracuda holds a special place in automotive history as one of the most iconic muscle cars ever produced. Its powerful performance, distinctive design, and unforgettable presence have made it a sought-after collector’s car.

The Barracuda’s legacy continues to captivate enthusiasts and inspire future generations of automotive enthusiasts.


The 1973 Plymouth Barracuda represents the epitome of American muscle cars. With its powerful engine, sleek design, and thrilling performance, it continues to be a symbol of automotive excellence. Whether you appreciate its rich history or crave the adrenaline rush it offers on the open road, the Barracuda is a timeless classic that will forever be cherished by car enthusiasts worldwide.


Is the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda a rare car?

The 1973 Barracuda is considered relatively rare, especially in well-preserved condition. Its desirability among collectors and enthusiasts contributes to its scarcity.

How much does a 1973 Plymouth Barracuda cost?

The price of a 1973 Barracuda can vary depending on factors such as condition, mileage, and overall originality. On average, you can expect to find well-maintained examples priced between $40,000 and $70,000.

What is the fuel efficiency of the 1973 Barracuda?

Given its powerful V8 engine, the 1973 Barracuda is not known for its fuel efficiency. As a classic muscle car, it prioritizes performance over fuel economy.

Are parts readily available for the 1973 Barracuda?

While some specific parts may be challenging to find, there is a healthy aftermarket support system for the Barracuda. Many enthusiasts and specialty suppliers offer reproduction parts to keep these classic cars on the road.

How many Barracudas were produced in 1973?

Exact production figures for the 1973 Barracuda are not readily available. However, it is estimated that Plymouth produced around 10,000 Barracudas during that model year.


In conclusion, the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda is a legendary muscle car that continues to captivate enthusiasts with its powerful performance and iconic design. Its enduring legacy ensures that this classic automobile will forever hold a special placein the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. With its impressive engine, sleek exterior, and well-crafted interior, the Barracuda stands as a testament to the golden age of American muscle cars. Whether you’re a collector, a fan of automotive history, or simply someone who appreciates the thrill of the open road, the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda is a timeless classic that will continue to inspire admiration for generations to come.

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