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The Best leveling kit for f150: I Tested And Ranked

The purpose of a leveling kit is to correct the suspension imbalance on your pickup, resulting in enhanced on-road performance and off-road capability. After thorough testing and reviewing, I have determined that the best leveling kit for the F150 is available on Amazon. Without further ado, here is my final ranking.

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Top 10 Best leveling kit for f150: Top Recommendations

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FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1/Rough Country 2″ Molded Leveling Kit for 2009-2023 Ford F-150 2WD/4WD

Top-rated: 1,732+++ ratings | 48+++ answered questions

Highlight: Rough Country offers the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style to enhance your F-150. Get the ultimate upgrade for your truck today!

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: If you’re looking to give your F-150 a leveled appearance and accommodate larger tires, this leveling kit is a must-have. I personally tend to thoroughly research every purchase, and I couldn’t be happier with this one. Due to time constraints, I had my local mechanic install the kit, which took about an hour and a half of labor. The end result? An easily fitting set of 34″ tires on my otherwise stock F-150. Even before the upgrade, the ride with the leveling kit was on par, if not better, than stock. Don’t hesitate, get this kit and transform your truck. – Eric R Tyson


Trending review: I installed a leveling kit in my truck to raise its height and accommodate larger tires. The entire process took about 3 hours at a shop, without using a lift. Using just a floor jack and jack stands, I successfully increased the front height from 18 inches to 21.5 inches. With the added height from the larger tires, the front of the truck is now slightly higher than the rear, but I plan to level it out perfectly by adding a 1-inch block and shocks in the rear. The best part is that I didn’t compromise the factory ride quality. – mike


Reassuring review: To reinstall the strut assembly it’s best to remove those bolts shown in the pic. Removing them will make it easier unless you drop the whole control arm; which we had to do. We tried banging those puppies out and it was almost impossible without damaging the bolts. We decided to drop the control arm which was only 2 bolts.

It took about 3 hours for the passenger side and once we got over the learning curve and mistakes lining up the holes, it took about 45 minutes for the driver’s side. I took the truck over to PEP boys and got the unlimited alignment for $150. I’m planning to install Fuel Contras on 295/55/20 Ridge Grapplers. It’s important to retighten and torque those control arm bolts after you set down the truck and check them a few days later.

Here’s an update after a few months: I did add those rims and tires. Also I ended up having the dealership do the alignment – pepboys did a terrible job. – Ford Family


Most-discussed review: I love the spacers! The installation was a breeze. Admittedly, I didn’t follow the entire process. I skipped the steps that required removing the brake system and disconnecting the axle. However, there was ample space to remove the strut. I watched a YouTube video where a guy installed spacers on a silver F150 while on a lift, and I followed his method.- Peyton Sanders


Updated review: Installing these leveling spacers on trucks and Jeeps has become quite familiar to me, and this time it was of moderate difficulty for this particular model. The installation itself is straightforward, although reattaching the struts to the lower bracket on a 2010 F-150 proved challenging. To overcome this, I used a tire iron in combination with a large rubber mallet, which required about 45 minutes of effort. However, the overall process was convenient to carry out in a driveway. Surprisingly, my alignment remained within specifications after installing the spacers, but it is always advisable to have it checked as a precaution. In conclusion, I highly recommend these leveling spacers. – Wes


Favorite review: The installation process was a breeze, taking approximately 2 and a half hours. I highly recommend using a hand-held pump to separate the cv joint for the 4-wheel actuator, as it requires about 20-25 psi to disengage it. Additionally, I found it convenient to leave the bottom bearing on the control arm and simply move it to the side, rather than removing it completely. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product. I have a 2018 with the 3.5 eco boost and 265/65r18 tires, and it provided me with a 3-inch lift in the front. The vehicle now maintains an even stance, with both fenders measuring out the same. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to get an alignment as the ride quality remains unchanged. Although a more upgraded version would have been pricier, this one suits me perfectly. – Kourtney

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2/MotoFab Lifts F150-2 – 2 in Front Leveling Lift Kit That is compatible with F150

Top-rated: 1,923+++ ratings | 230+++ answered questions

Highlight: Make your truck stand out by raising the front by a true 2″. This adjustment is compatible with F150 2004-2023 models for both 2WD and 4WD versions.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I am very pleased with this heavy-duty product. My son and I installed it in my 2017 Ford F150, which took us about 2 1/2 hours. Although my truck is slightly higher in the front now, it doesn’t bother me much. I did have to get a front-end alignment because we removed the control arms, but overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product and would definitely purchase it again. – GaryH


Trending review: I installed this kit in my 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 with basic tools and jack stands. It took me a few hours, but the instructions provided were terrible. As a backup, I downloaded Rough Country’s instructions since it’s virtually the same kit. While they were better, they still weren’t perfect. I recommend watching a YouTube video for a clearer demonstration.

Both sets of instructions left out a critical step for reinstalling the strut after installing the spacer. To do this, you must remove the hub dust cap and 13mm nut. This will allow the CV joint to slide out of the knuckle, enabling the lower control arm to be lowered enough to get the strut back in place. Besides that, the process was pretty straightforward.

The product arrived in excellent condition, nicely packaged, without any damage. The machining quality is also top-notch. – Amazon Customer


Reassuring review: Today, I installed these blocks on my 2013 F150 FX4. With hand tools and without any help, it took me about 2.5 hours to complete. The most challenging part was loosening the bottom strut mounting bolt – even my 24″ breaker bar was barely enough, and it required all my weight to break it loose. Watching a few YouTube videos beforehand really helped with the installation process.

After the installation, I measured the height difference. Before starting, the measurement from the center of the wheel to the fender flare was 22.5″. After installing the blocks, it increased to 24.5″. I also had the front end realigned, and the measurement remained consistent. Additionally, the ride quality feels unchanged, which I love. Overall, I am really pleased with both the appearance and performance of the kit! – Mike P


Most-discussed review: Attention 2018 FX4 owners! This review is specifically for you.

First and foremost, disregard the misguided attempts by some individuals to install these spacers by passing the allen head bolts down from the top. Trust me, that’s just asking for trouble.

Now, let’s talk about these spacers. They not only work flawlessly but also add a stylish touch to your ride. However, there are a few differences from previous years that you won’t find in the installation videos. Here’s what you need to know: you must use a spring compressor and rotate the top spring cap 180 degrees to ensure proper clearance. Simply rotating the entire strut won’t cut it.

Additionally, it seems like Ford has made some changes to the lower strut bolts. No matter how hard you hammer or even if you try a hydraulic press, those bolts won’t budge. Instead, you’ll have to loosen the lower control arm nuts and apply significant downward leverage on the arm to fit the struts back in once the spacers are attached.

Lastly, don’t neglect the importance of getting an alignment and checking your headlight aim.- T. Richmond


Updated review: The leveling is nice and the overall appearance is great! The front is positioned half an inch lower than the rear, which works well for towing purposes. Reinstalling the strut was a bit challenging, but starting with the top portion and applying pressure on the lower arm did the trick. Removing the lower strut bolts wasn’t necessary but could have made the process easier. Reconnecting the top A-arm might be a bit cumbersome, so I used ratchet straps. Initially, it may seem like the A-arm is hitting the coil, but rest assured, once everything is reassembled and the truck is on the ground, the A-arm will return to its proper position under the weight of the vehicle. The only minor issue is that it would be helpful if washers for the three upper bolts (allen heads) were included to mount the strut back in. Fortunately, I happened to have some on hand. – Minnesota Sam


Favorite review: After purchasing this product, I made the decision to thoroughly test it before providing a review. Since May of last year, I have installed it on my 2010 F150 and it has performed exceptionally well. I chose the 2-inch kit based on the feedback I had received regarding the potential accelerated wear of ball joints with larger sizes, such as 2.5 or 3 inches. By opting for the 2-inch kit, my truck achieved a leveled appearance without the complications associated with taller spacers. – David

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3/MotoFab Lifts F150-3F-2R 3″ Front and 2″ Rear Leveling lift kit for 2004-2014 Ford F150

Top-rated: 586+++ ratings | 109+++ answered questions

Highlight: Will Raise your F150 3″ in the front and 2″ in the rear. Made In The USA with a Lifetime warranty.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: The product quality is first-class. The strut spacers and 2-inch rear blocks are sturdy and top-notch. However, it’s important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s comments on spacer size and actual lift due to suspension dynamics. The strut spacers, initially 2 inches tall, resulted in over 3 inches of lift once installed on the truck.

Now, let’s talk about the installation process. Regardless of what you may have seen on YouTube, be prepared for frustrations when trying to remove the strut from a 2014 F150. Those two retaining bolts connecting the strut to the lower control arm, pressed in by Ford, are not easy to remove. Don’t attempt to take out the axle; instead, disconnect the steering knuckle and drop the lower control arm where it connects to the frame.

Moving on to the rear installation, it’s recommended to do one side at a time. Otherwise, the axle may shift, making it frustrating to realign things with the 2-inch blocks. You don’t need new rear shocks because of the blocks; trust me on this.

Overall, I must applaud the manufacturer for offering such a high-quality product at these prices. However, thanks to Ford’s intricate design, it’s best to let a shop handle the installation and avoid any potential headaches.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the 3-inch level on my truck. I receive compliments every day, and heads always turn when people see the level and the 35-inch tires it allows me to use. I opted for 295/65/20 Cooper STT Pro tires, which are 35 inches tall, and there’s no rubbing at all. – Lenny


Trending review: Installation took approximately 3 hours, with the majority of the time spent on the front end. Overall, the lift and leveling kit is well built and provides a noticeable difference in height and leveling. It’s great that no stock items needed to be replaced. The price is excellent for what you get. The installation process is made easier with the use of tools like two jack stands, two floor jacks (or a lift and a floor jack), a pry bar, an impact wrench, an impact ratchet, an Allen wrench, and various wrenches and impact sockets. – kgso24


Most-discussed review: I installed the product on my 2011 F150 2WD super crew. It was a perfect fit, and the quality of the material is excellent. I didn’t encounter any fit issues during the installation, which took less than 2 hours. Additionally, I paired it with 20X9 wheels and 33X12.50X20 Toyo tires. No need for extended struts/shocks. – rodney cuevas

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4/AKM F150 Lift Kit Front 2.5″ fit F150 04-22 2WD 4WD Front Strut Spacer Suspension Lift Leveling Kits Lift Spacers

Top-rated: 950+++ ratings | 59+++ answered questions

Highlight: Our 2.5″ lift kit provides a true lift at the front of your truck, even though the spacer is less than 2.5″. This is because of suspension geometry, where the lift height and kit thickness ratio is not 1:1. We recommend a tire size of 35-by-12.50.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I installed this kit on my 2019 F150 Crew Cab 4×4 with a 3.5 Ecoboost engine. Let me share a few things I learned while working on it.

Firstly, the kit fit perfectly, leveling the truck and creating a noticeable difference. Some users mentioned issues with the ubolts and rear blocks, but mine fit well. Just be aware that there might be excess paint on the block posts. The ubolts can be trimmed to fit.

Moving to the front of the truck, you might have watched some YouTube videos. This kit is quite sizeable, so I discovered a couple of tricks specifically for 18-19 trucks. You can unplug the wheel speed sensor, which is a grey connector located inside the fender well. Follow the wire from below the hood, and you will find it on the driver’s side right below the brake booster. The passenger side connector is located near another connector, just off the main harness at the wheel wells.

You also need to remove the rubber lines going to the 4×4 hub on top of the spindle. Don’t forget to remove the center axle nut, sway bar nut, steering nut, and caliper. Make sure to have something like a bungee or a strong wire to support the caliper. Remove the 10mm and 8mm screws on the knuckle holding the vacuum and wheel sensor wiring. Remove the clips holding the lines to the frame for the vacuum and wheel speed sensor. Finally, remove the lower shock bolts and the upper arm bolt. If your truck is new like mine, you probably won’t need to force the joints to come apart.

Here are the last two tips. When you pull the strut out, you will need to reinstall it the other way around. You can either swap them left to right or tilt the lower mount in the opposite direction. I personally placed mine on a vise stand without a vice, and the strut bolts aligned perfectly with the bolt holes. With a little push, I was able to adjust it easily. Lastly, during installation, use the three slotted holes when bolting up the assembled strut with the spacer.

To install this, you’ll need two 3-foot bars, pipes, or anything similar. One bar should be placed between the lower arm and its thin metal cross brace. The other bar should be inserted under the strut between the two bolts. Apply downward pressure on the lower arm while pushing the other bar upward to align the bolts with the holes. If possible, seek assistance, but avoid relying on a lightweight 13-year-old. Although it can be done alone, it’s challenging as you’ll need to utilize your body weight to press the arm down.

Disclaimer: Personally, I possess strong mechanical skills and possess air tools. The front installation took approximately 2.5 hours performing one side at a time. The initial side requires the most time, while the second side is considerably faster. For the rear installation, standard small jack stands (e.g., Harbor Freight orange ones) will not offer sufficient height. To compensate, use 6×6 blocks or stack 2×6 planks about 4-5 inches high. Place a wooden block on the jack and raise it under the pumpkin. I supported the rear of the truck at the frame just behind the cab where it bends upward. The rear installation is simpler, and having a grinder available significantly eases the process.

Begin by threading the nuts on. Another tip is to have a ratcheting 22mm box end wrench, which simplifies the job. Alternatively, a 22mm socket can be used but may be slightly more challenging. Also, note that the kit includes instructions for reference. The quality of this kit is exceptional, as it significantly elevates the truck. For individuals unfamiliar with suspension, please be aware that once the kit is fully installed and the truck is lowered, it may initially appear that the front sits higher than the back. However, this will self-adjust as the springs settle. I am currently very pleased with this kit.

Moreover, I recently installed 295-70r18 Maxxis tires on stock wheels with no spacers required! Not experiencing any rubbing issues, and there was no need to cut the crash bar. Adequate clearance is available. – tim waddell

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5/Rough Country 2″ Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks for 2009-2020 Ford F-150-52230

Top-rated: 406+++ ratings | 55+++ answered questions

Highlight: Get the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style for your F-150 from Rough Country.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: After purchasing my 2015 F150 4×4, I realized that it sat too low, particularly in the front end. It didn’t have the look of a true 4×4. So, I decided to research lift kits to enhance its appearance. After consulting with my brother, a former mechanic at an off-road shop, who recommended Rough Country kits, I made the choice to go with them. He assured me that they have been around for a long time and he has installed many of them over the years.

The Rough Country lift kit is straightforward, containing all the necessary high-quality components as shown in the photo. Initially, I had concerns about the plastic spacers, but considering their purpose and the forces they handle (mainly compression forces), I realized they would suffice. With the assistance of my brother and my eager nephew as our shop squirrel, we took our time to ensure a smooth installation. It took us about four hours to complete the installation.

One thing that was not clearly explained in the instructions was the reorientation of the struts after installing the spacers. Once the spacers are in place, the struts need to be reinstalled with the side that was originally facing out now facing in, as the triangular bolt pattern gets reversed. Also, it’s important to reorient the bottom yolk on the strut BEFORE reinstalling it to ensure proper alignment with the lower control arm mount area.

Some people claim they successfully installed this kit in their driveway using jacks within four hours. However, after experiencing it with my brother’s hoist, I wouldn’t even attempt it while lying on my back. If possible, I highly recommend having it professionally installed or using a hoist if you have access to one.

Lastly, I have attached before and after photos in sequence. The final photo shows my truck with new 33″ all-terrain tires, sitting proudly with the lift kit.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this affordable kit, as it has transformed my truck into a true 4×4 that looks and feels remarkable. – J-Rod


Reassuring review: This kit is a great purchase at a good price. It provides a 2″ lift in the front and 1″ in the back, along with shocks. The rear shocks have a slightly stiffer ride, but it’s not a negative experience. I upgraded to 33s and there’s no rubbing at all. Before buying, I looked at numerous brands, reviews, and pictures, and I’m glad I chose this one. I hope these pictures help those who are in the market. – Robert J

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6/Dynofit 2 In Front Leveling Lift Kits for 2004-2023 F150

Top-rated: 430+++ ratings | 25+++ answered questions

Compatibilit: Fits 2004 – 2023 F150 2WD 4WD; 2003-2018 Expedition; 2005-2008 Lincoln Mark LT.

Highlight: Enhance the appearance of your truck while promoting proper ground balance. Experience a smoother ride even over rugged terrain post-installation of the kit. Achieve an aggressive stance, eliminate rubbing, and give your truck a more appealing look.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I installed front strut spacers for a 1.5″ lift on my 2018 F150 3.5EB Crew Cab 5.5′ Box Lariat FX4 with around 40,000 miles. It was convenient to tackle the spacer install and hub replacement together since most of the same suspension components needed to be disassembled for both jobs.

The spacer kit is excellent, featuring nicely machined aluminum spacers that are anodized black. They appear to be durable and well-made. To ensure quality, I decided to replace some of the hardware included in the kit, as imported hardware can sometimes be of poor quality. For the socket head screws, I used my own stainless flat washers. As for the three nuts that go back on top of the strut tower on the truck’s frame, I re-used the factory nuts, which are large flange locknuts. To fasten the spacers to the strut assemblies, I used my stainless washers and locally sourced nylock nuts.

Tip #1 – due to the 3 bolt pattern on the spacer and strut plate, you need to rotate the strut plate 180 degrees on the strut assembly. I put the lower part of the strut in a vice and used a pry bar spanning 2 of the 3 studs on the strut plate to apply torque to the strut plate to spin it. I spun in the wrong direction and the spring started to climb out of its ramp pocket. Give a little WD40 spray around the lower spring retainer, and spin in the direction that it does not try to climb the ramp on the retainer.

Tip #2 – on my install (1.5″ of finished lift), the thickness of the spacer is a bit less than the length of the studs on the factory strut plate. If left untouched, the spacer may not properly sit in the strut tower in the frame. The strut plate studs protrude slightly above the top surface of the spacer. I ground down the strut plate studs and filed the edges of the threads, to avoid any issues.

Tip #3 – my factory struts have pressed in lower bolts where the bottom of the shock mounts to the lower control arm. That makes the overall strut assembly “longer”, meaning the lower control arm needs to be pried down further to fit the longer strut assembly back into the chassis. Since I was also doing the IWE hub replacement, 2 things made it a lot easier to pivot the control arm down lower. First, having the CV axle removed from the front hub, so you aren’t fighting trying to “stretch” the CV axle as you pry down the lower control arm. Second, I removed 1 nut (on each side of the truck) from the stabilizer bar link, to disconnect the stabilizer bar from the lower control arm. This then allowed the lower control arm to be easily pried low enough to install the strut assembly.

Overall very nice product, good install. On the 1.5″ lift version, at full suspension droop, there is very little clearance, maybe even just a bit of light contact between the coil spring and the inside of the upper control arm. I do not off-road so it is very unlikely that my suspension goes to full droop. The truck needed a minor alignment after the install. No noticeable change in ride, after all, the same shocks and springs are carrying the same load. Headlights needed roughly 2 clicks of adjustment down to shine in the same spot on my garage door at 25 feet away. Most of the rake is now removed from my truck, instead of the front being ~2″ lower, it is roughly 1/2″ lower. No noticeable change in highway fuel economy (air flow over and under truck might have been altered and could potentially affect mileage). – SEAN N.

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7/Roush 422014 Suspension System (2015+ F-150 FOX 2.0), 1 Pack

Top-rated: 32+++ ratings | 19+++ answered questions

Best leveling kit for f150 (2)

Highlight: ROUSH Performance, the automotive performance product division of Roush Industries, is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality performance automotive products and services. This includes a wide range of offerings such as completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, performance crate engines, performance part installation, hot rod restoration, and custom graphics. Our mission is to deliver unrivaled performance and style, ensuring an appealing and engaging experience for all automotive enthusiasts.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I recently upgraded my truck from a 2010 4X4 Platinum to a 2016 Ford F150 Platinum 4X4, and the difference in ride quality was significant. While the 2010 truck felt solid and comfortable, the 2016 model felt lighter and somewhat floaty. It became increasingly concerning as the suspension loosened over time, causing the rear end to feel unpredictable on curvy and bumpy roads. This lack of control at higher speeds and on rough terrain caused me considerable anxiety. Even off-road, the bouncing inside the truck was unbearable. These issues nearly led me to trade in my truck, but I decided to explore alternatives for improving the suspension.

That’s when I discovered the F-150 ROUSCH Fox 2.0 suspension kit. I purchased the kit and had it installed at my local Ford Dealership, and I can honestly say that this upgrade has been a game-changer. My truck now rides like it’s on rails, with no residual bounce after hitting bumps. There’s zero body roll, and the truck maintains its stability even when braking. I can’t speak highly enough of the improvement this suspension kit has made. It has been worth every penny, and I plan on keeping my truck for several more years. This decision has truly transformed my truck from good to great. – Amazon Customer


Trending review: After regretting my purchase of a 2016 F150, I decided to install a suspension package, and the transformation was remarkable. Now, my truck not only looks but also drives like a proper truck. Having relied on F350s for three decades, I no longer required that much power, and this upgrade perfectly suits my needs. While it took me two hours to install the first coil over, carefully retrieving the necessary tools, I managed to complete the second one in one hour and fifteen minutes, still taking my time and not aiming for any records. The rear shocks only took me thirty minutes. Furthermore, after having the front end realigned, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. – Jim B.

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8/Rough Country 2″ Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Struts for 09-13 Ford F-150 4WD

Top-rated: 127+++ ratings | 38+++ answered questions

Highlight: Rough Country offers the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style to enhance your F-150.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: The installation process on my 2010 F150 XLT 4WD went great. It took me the whole weekend because I’m meticulous and double-checked all torque specs. While you’re at it, consider changing your brakes too. This will save you time since you already have everything taken off. The 406lb Ft torque required to loosen the main nut and bolt that hold the lower end of the front struts was quite challenging. Thankfully, I purchased an air wrench, and it made the job much easier. These parts fit perfectly and gave my truck a slight lift, allowing me to easily install 20-inch wheels. Moreover, the higher level ride feels amazing! Now my truck drives like a dream. Don’t forget to get an alignment check after you’re done to ensure everything is perfect. I’m absolutely loving it! Highly recommended! – Amazon Customer


Trending review: I am extremely pleased with how the lift kit on my 2012 F150 turned out! It provides the perfect amount of rake, just as I had envisioned. The ride quality has either slightly improved or remained the same, but I can’t deny that it looks absolutely awesome! I only wish I had done this modification sooner. I highly recommend this to anyone who may be considering it! – Tom S


Reassuring review: I replaced the stock struts and shocks on my truck with this kit, and I’m delighted with the improved ride quality. It feels just like the day I bought it. This kit leveled my truck perfectly, and there are no issues with the angle of the CV axles, unlike with other kits. I’m currently running 295/70/18 tires, which have specs of 34.5×12.00, and there’s no rubbing. I didn’t need to trim anything on my truck. – russel


Most-discussed review: Installing a 36″ Breaker bar is crucial for freeing the front strut bolt (which requires a 30mm and 27mm). Once you loosen that bolt, the rest of the process becomes much quicker. This upgrade transformed the ride from mushy to solid, providing a heightened sense of control. The front was raised by 2″ while the rear blocks raised it by 1″, resulting in a perfectly level look. Adjusting the tires helped fill the fender well space, enhancing the overall appearance of my 2012 F-150 Lariat rwd.

However, I must say that Rough Country sent the longest u-bolts in history with their package. It almost seems like they ran out of 1″ level u-bolts and substituted them with ones meant for a 6″ lift. It’s a bit of a challenge finding a socket deep enough, so having a 22mm wrench and strong forearms is essential (quite a workout!). Nonetheless, this minor inconvenience didn’t dampen the overall installation process. – allenworthamjr

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9/ Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit w/N3 Struts for 2014-2020 Ford F-150 4WD

Top-rated: 60+++ ratings | 29+++ answered questions

Highlight: Rough Country offers the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style to enhance your F-150. Experience the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I installed these on my ’19 F150 and I’m pleased with the results. The ride height has increased, and the build quality is solid. It raises and levels the truck nicely, with the front and back being within 1 inch of each other. The front struts are the same length as the original system, achieving the lift through spring stiffness. As a result, there is a significant change in ride quality. I’m now considering whether to keep this system or revert back to the original struts plus blocks. – Joseph A. Ames


Trending review: This leveling kit offers great value for its cost. It provides exactly what I wanted, with the truck sitting nearly perfectly level (within .25″). Furthermore, the ride is noticeably better compared to the factory suspension. Installation is fairly easy, and although I chose not to use the rear spacers and U bolts provided, I am pleased with the appearance and decided not to raise the rear suspension. – Daniel W.


Reassuring review: I ordered a kit for my F150 from the Rough Country website after Amazon indicated it wouldn’t fit. While FedEx delayed the delivery of the rear shocks, I managed to install the front struts. I opted not to use the rear lift blocks in order to achieve an even level. Now, the ride comfort has slightly improved. – jose

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10/ReadyLift 66-2215 2.25″ Leveling Kit – Ford F-150

Top-rated: 130+++ ratings | 7+++ answered questions


  • Max Lift 2.25″ – Max Tire Diameter 35″
  • Offset design engineered specifically for 2015-UP F150 2wd/4wd Trucks
  • For the 2015-17 Ford F-150 2WD/4WD

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I had this installed by the dealership where I bought my 2016 XLT FX4. The truck originally had a 3.50″ rake, but after the installation, it’s now down to a 1.25″ rake, which is beneficial for towing purposes. Currently, the front of my truck, with its stock 18″ rims and tires, measures about 39.125″, while the rear measures 40.375″. However, I plan to upgrade the tire size in the near future. It’s been over a week since the installation, and I haven’t experienced any issues or strange noises. Plus, the truck now has a fantastic stance. After reading up on it, I discovered that this spacer kit (66-2215) provides a 2.25″ lift, which is recommended for the F150 2015-16 models. – A review


Trending review: 2.25″ level kit makes your truck perfectly level. 2″ wont do that, 2.5″ wont do that. 3″ makes your truck squat like the queers like. 2.25″ is perfect – G.kings


Reassuring review: I am extremely satisfied with my choice of the readylift 2.25 inch leveling kit. Initially, I was unsure how it would compare to other leveling kits, but it has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it ride as smoothly as a factory kit or even better, but it also adds an appealing look. I highly recommend it! – John


Most-discussed review: The truck looks much nicer leveled with a correct fit and easy install. The box claims to clear 35″ tires, but I installed 33″ tires and there is still plenty of room. It has been 3 years and I have driven 12,359 trouble-free miles. – phil kerwin


Updated review: The installation process is pretty straightforward and of good quality. You can watch installation videos on YouTube, which make it even easier. It took me about 2 hours to complete the installation in my garage. – Simon Wiley


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Final Thoughts: Best leveling kit for f150

Look at the top two: the 2″ MotoFab and the Rough Country leveling kits. These remarkably performance-oriented kits make them an excellent investment for any F150 owner. But if you’re looking for versatility, consider AKM’s leveling-cum-lift spacers kit, which is compatible with the maximum number of F150 models.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, I recommend the Dynofit 2″ leveling kit. It’s the most economical choice on our list, costing less than $49 and boasting remarkable efficiency.

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2 thoughts on “The Best leveling kit for f150: I Tested And Ranked”

  1. Hello everyone! I recently got my hands on a brand-new 2022 F-150 3.5EB, which is a 4×4 Screw model. I have a question regarding the best leveling option that provides a factory-like ride without using a strut spacer, without altering the upper control arm, and while avoiding products from Rough Country. I’m specifically looking for Bilstein or similar high-quality alternatives. Despite my extensive research, I couldn’t find any definitive information about options that fit my year. On a positive note, I had a great experience with Bilstein 5100s on my 12 Ram, as it provided a better ride compared to the factory setup. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    • Thanks! I gave that thread a look and think I’m just gonna wait till they have options for my 22. I don’t want to spend $800 on the Bilsteins if I can find them in stock for them not to fit.


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