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The best lt235 80r17 dually tires: I Read And Reviewed

For those seeking the best lt235 80r17 dually tires size for their vehicles, I have extensively tested and meticulously ranked the top options in terms of value. Explore authentic reviews of my carefully selected top picks, ensuring your informed purchase decision.

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*FYI, prices and review-count are accurate as of time of writing.

The best lt235 80r17 dually tires

*Note: Score is based on our AI score (Editor’s choice and rating)

1/Starfire Solarus AP All-Season LT235/80R17 120R Tire

Top-rated: 952+++ ratings | 80+++ answered questions

Highlight: Features the following:

  • 50,000 mile warranty
  • All-terrain tire
  • Provides all-purpose, all-season traction and a quiet ride
  • M+S Rated (mud and snow)

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things:

“The tires I put on my 04 Colorado have proven to be reliable. They offer excellent traction, providing stability even in wet conditions where other tires have failed. These tires are durable, holding up well and maintaining proper air pressure. Remarkably, they produce minimal road noise and feature a slightly more aggressive tread pattern. While I haven’t extensively tested them off-road, they perform admirably on wet grass, although I cannot speak to their performance in muddy conditions. However, if you prioritize protecting your truck’s paint and are concerned about rocks flying, I suggest avoiding these tires as they tend to hold onto rocks until reaching speeds of 55-60 mph, at which point they become projectiles. Overall, these tires offer a strong balance of performance and reliability.” – read full review of customers on Amazon here


Trending review: Another rating on this product that I found:

The tires provided are not full-sized; instead, they measure 30.5″ tall by 9.6″ wide. This makes them more than an inch shorter and almost an inch narrower than the standard 265/70R17 size, which measures 31.6″ tall by 10.4″ wide. Despite this size difference, the tires deliver a remarkably smooth and quiet ride. In terms of wear and mileage, they seem to perform adequately.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: This product has received widespread acclaim from customers, who have praised its exceptional quality and highlighted its impressive durability.

“I have driven two sets of Cooper tires for 80,000 miles without experiencing any flats or issues. Currently, I have 50,000-mile tires on my truck, taking into account the accumulated mileage on the vehicle. It doesn’t make sense to overspend on the lifespan of the truck. These tires provide quiet, smooth, and excellent traction while also looking and feeling great. The interstate ride feels like I have a brand new truck. Cooper has become my go-to tire dealer, and I will definitely purchase more in the future.”read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Updated review: Another review from a customer who purchased this product on Amazon:

“I recently bought a set of 4 tires for my Ram 1500 quad cab. With minimal noise and excellent handling, my truck delivers a smooth ride. Despite having only driven 1100 miles so far, I was impressed by the quietness and smoothness of the journey during a long road trip last week.”read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Favorite review: A review from customers on which tires to use in the snow:

I am extremely satisfied with the tires I purchased back in late summer. Recently, we experienced the first snowfall of the season, and local weather reports indicated that this area received between 4 to 7 feet of snow in just two days. In my location, we had over 4 feet of snow, and despite having old tires, I managed to commute to work during this severe storm. Many roads were virtually impassible for most vehicles, but these new tires made a remarkable difference. They not only enabled me to navigate the snowy roads, but they also helped me overcome a 4-foot snowbank the plow had created in my driveway. I am truly impressed with the performance of these tires.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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2/Yokohama LT235/80R17/E Geolandar A/T G015 120/117R 10 Ply White Letter Tire

Top-rated: 554+++ ratings | 108+++ answered questions

Highlight: All-terrain tread design that provides all-season traction. Features a special rubber compound to give drivers enhanced braking and handling in wet and snowy weather

Reviews of customer

Helpful review:I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things:

“Installed on a 2016 4Runner Trail Edition. This tire replaced nitto terra grappler g2 265/70r17. I went up size to 285/65r17 on this Yokohama to get a wider stance (approx 0.8-9 inch wider). It balanced well on the 4Runner Trail’s OEM wheel and with no rubbing issues. I wanted to keep the stock tire diameter for fuel economy and to keep speedometer reading true. Stock tire diameter 31.5- 31.6 inch and this tire size fits that bill exactly– 31.5 inch. It weighs 43lbs, just over 2lbs heavier than the nitto terra grappler g2 265/70r17. First observations; runs smooth and quiet like an all season tire, ride is very cushy, acceleration is not affected, more traction on wet road when accelerating from a stop. I can’t report on snow traction yet but it should be better as it’s a 3-peak mountain/ snow rated tire. I give it a 5/5 for now.

Update 4/30/21: still very satisfied with the performance of these tires. Pretty much tested it on most condition at 15,000 miles including high speed dry and heavy rain – very stable and excellent grip. Snow traction is also much better than my previous tires, Dunlop Grandtrek and Nitto Terra Grappler, without any questions. Also tested it on over sand driving in OBX deflated it to 25psi (15psi was the recommendation) and made it through all 20miles of sand driving without any issues. It remained very quiet at any speed and still rides comfortably up to this time. 5/5 for now.

Update 7/17/21: just drove through 10 miles of unmaintained forest roads in Central PA unplanned while trying to find another route after sitting in standstill traffic due to road closure in RT120. Good traction going uphill in some really bad sections of the forrest road with some rocks the height of a sidewalk curb. I should have aired down but didn’t because it was an unexpected detour for me and my wife. Now at around 17-18000 miles on this tires, still very quiet on the highway like most all season tires considering these are light AT tires. Good tires and still giving it a 5/5.

Update 1/5/23: 35,000miles on these tires. Surprisingly, still very quiet on the highway. Recently, drove to Nashville TN from CT for our anniversary, about 1000mi one way. Traction remained good during rain and felt confident. Will probably get at least 15k, maybe 20k, more miles on these tires before needing to be replaced. With age/ mileage considered, I would still give it 5/5. Is it still as good when compared to when it was new? I would say at least 80% as good when it was new.

Update 8/14/23: 40,000mi on this set. Just came back from a road trip for my wife birthday, traveling CT to and around KY and back, 2,200mi. Had 1 instance when I needed to brake hard to avoid an accident, tires performed very well. Still handed well and road noise is barely increased when compared to they were new. Stayed balance and didn’t require rebalancing to date (with 5k tire rotations). Has about 10k life left before down to wear bar.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here


Trending review: Another rating on this product that I found:

“I commute from Wasilla, Alaska to work every day, covering a round trip of 100 miles, regardless of the weather conditions. In my household, we have four vehicles equipped with geolandar tires: three AWD cars and one 4×4 truck. These tires perform exceptionally well throughout the year and have excellent tread life, lasting between 35,000 to 45,000 miles, depending on the vehicle.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: A buyer mentioned that he found this:

“These tires are an excellent choice for year-round use, especially in Spokane, Washington. They provide exceptional grip, low road noise, and great performance in the snow. While they may not perform as well on ice without studs, that is true for most tires.

I personally use these tires on my truck all year round, putting them through heavy use due to my year-round work-related travels. They handle off-road conditions, snow, rain, and various types of dirt with ease. The only situation where I wouldn’t recommend using them is deep mud, although that’s a rare situation for me and doesn’t affect my overall satisfaction.

In summary, this is a fantastic product that I intend to keep purchasing. Even with my high mileage of 20k to 25k miles per year in all weather conditions, these tires provide me with a reliable lifespan of approximately 2 years.” read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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3/Firestone Transforce HT2 Highway Terrain Commercial Light Truck Tire LT235/80R17 120 R E

Top-rated: 70+++ ratings | 6+++ answered questions


  • Optimized Tire Profile To Help Improve Uneven Wear, Even With Heavy Loads.
  • Saw Tooth Edge Siping Provide Biting Edges In Snow While Maintaining Block Stiffness.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things: “I have successfully achieved 100,000 miles on a ram 3500 dually while hauling RVs. Approximately 50% of the mileage was under load. These tires perform exceptionally well on highways and adequately in rainy conditions. However, they are not suitable for snowy and icy terrains. I have decided to switch to different tires for the upcoming winter while planning to re-install these tires in the springtime.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: Another rating on this product that I found. This product is “I had these tires for 4 years, during which they lasted an impressive 104,000 miles. I predominantly drove on the road, although the tires performed well both on and off-road. With excellent grip and handling, they proved to be a reliable fit for my small, lightweight 4×4 truck. Eventually, I replaced the tires because they had worn down to the wear bars, but honestly, I could have easily pushed them another 5,000 miles if necessary. My positive experience with the original set of TransForce HT2 tires led me to purchase another set of the same kind, exemplifying my utmost satisfaction with their performance.”  – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: A buyer mentioned that he found this: “These tires are the optimal choice for towing my 5th wheel. With their solid construction and excellent traction, they provide reliable performance on various terrains. The durable rubber composition ensures long-lasting quality, as demonstrated by the previous model I used. Remarkably, they showed no signs of wear even after extensive use. Additionally, the competitive price of these tires surpasses that of local tire shops. I highly recommend purchasing them from Amazon.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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4/Firestone Transforce AT2 All Terrain Commercial Light Truck Tire LT235/80R17 120 R E C

Top-rated: 56+++ ratings | 7+++answered questions


  • Strong for On-Road/Off-Road
  • Improved Wet Performance


Reviews of customer: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things: “They are starting to dry rot on my 2011 Ram 3500 duly before they were out. Great tires but not in snow. I think in all other conditions excellent but snow Eh…” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

Another rating on this product that I found. “The front end of my vehicle has significantly improved, delivering a remarkably smoother ride with minimal road noise. The aggressive AT2 tires, which arrived in just two days, are performing exceptionally well on my Cummins Dually. Additionally, I was delighted to discover that these tires were manufactured during the 42nd week of 2021, ensuring their freshness and minimizing any concerns of long warehouse storage. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and its outstanding quality.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

A buyer mentioned that he found this: “The tires arrived promptly, and I was pleased with their appearance. However, I noticed that they were manufactured in 2001, 2020, and 2022. Nevertheless, I am excited to install them on my vehicle.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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Top-rated: 24+++ ratings | 4+++ answered questions

Highlight: Designed for use on highways and other paved roads, the Dura Grappler is ideal for light trucks and offers drivers strong performance on dry and wet roads along with a 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty.

Reviews of customer: Customers appreciate the shipping service: “El envío fue super rápido, voy a poner los neumáticos en una ram 3500 con un trailer”- read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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6/Yokohama LT235/80R17 120R E/10 GEO H/T G056 OWL A/S

Top-rated: 331+++ ratings | 58+++ answered questions

Highlight: All-season tread

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things:

“I conducted tire research knowing that I would need a replacement in the near future. After careful consideration, I decided to go with the Yokohama Geolanders. Not only do they have a cool name, but the positive reviews also played a significant role in my decision-making process. Previously, I relied on the assistance of a tire store representative to determine the best option for my driving habits. However, this time was different. While I initially wanted to return to my trusted tire store, I discovered that the same tires were 25% cheaper on Amazon. Additionally, whether I bought them from the tire store or Amazon, I would still have to pay for balancing and installation. The only trade-off is that I won’t receive free tire rotations anymore, but I can handle that myself or pay a modest fee at Walmart.

Unfortunately, my experience at Pep Boys was extremely disappointing, although I had low expectations from the start. Despite the limited number of customers and cars present, it took them an astonishing 2.5 hours to complete the order. Furthermore, they informed me that my Toyota emblem on the hub cap had unexpectedly fallen off, but fortunately, I had spare emblems due to a previous incident. Overall, the whole ordeal was nightmarish. I initially attempted to find a reputable tire store and bring in the tires for installation, but many places were hesitant about mounting tires purchased online. Thus, I opted for the convenient package deal on Amazon.

Your experience at Pep Boys may differ, but personally, I am satisfied with the tires I purchased and the money I was able to save.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: Another rating on this product that I found:

“I rate these tires 4.4 stars. I installed them on my RAM SLT. Although nothing can make a Dodge ride like a Chevy, these tires are remarkably quiet and provide excellent traction. Living in the countryside and frequently driving on curvy secondary roads, I have thoroughly tested them for the past two months. I deducted one star because they tend to pick up gravel and rocks, which they then fling around. However, if they prove to be durable, I am inclined to replace them with the same model, disregarding the occasional inconvenience of encountering rocks.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: Customers appreciate the shipping service

“The shipper did an excellent job! They delivered the tires earlier than expected, allowing me to take them to the tire shop promptly for installation with proper balancing and new stems. Now, my 97 F350 dually runs smoothly on the pavement, just like a Caddy. These tires provide quiet operation and exceptional road grip. Impressed with their performance, I’m planning to purchase three more from the seller for my other vehicles, including my SUV.

On November 1st, the Amazon delivery team even managed to deliver on a Sunday, which is remarkable. I’m truly satisfied with their service. In fact, I’ve purchased two more tires for my flatbed dually as I intend to use that truck to tow my 2020 RV. Additionally, these tires are perfect for my work hauls due to their high-quality highway traction. I highly recommend this seller for their exceptional product and service.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Most-discussed review: One feels satisfied when purchasing this product on Amazon:

“I recently purchased tires from Amazon for the first time and I am extremely satisfied with my experience. Not only were they cheaper compared to other online tire retailers, but they also offered free delivery. To top it off, I used my Amazon credit card and received a 5% cashback, making it a great deal. I estimate that I saved approximately $30 per tire, which basically covered the cost of mounting and balancing.

The performance of these tires has exceeded my expectations. They provide a smooth ride and excellent handling on both wet and dry pavement. While some reviews mention they are not ideal for snowy conditions, I am not concerned as I always use dedicated snow tires during the winter season. It’s worth mentioning that I have only driven around 200 miles on these tires so far, but I am pleased with their performance.”  – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Updated review: A buyer highlighted the widespread approval of this product, emphasizing its positive attributes: “This tire stands out with its large size, wide and deep tread, making it superior to most others in the market. Although I haven’t tested it yet, the impressive appearance convinced me to purchase three more. The dimensions measure a generous 30.5 by 30.5 by 10.6 inches, while boasting a remarkable tread wear of 720!”read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Favorite review: Another positive evaluation caught my attention, shedding light on the impressive qualities of this product.

“I am extremely satisfied with the performance of these tires. They have exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Despite having a highly durable compound that can last for up to 70,000 miles, along with deeper and more aggressive treads, these tires have managed to provide a remarkably quiet and smooth ride compared to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires that came with my 2019 KIA Sorento EX AWD. Although Amazon claims that the 245/60/18 size is not an exact substitute for the OEM 235/60/18, I was confident that they would fit perfectly, and they absolutely do. Yokohama Goelandars are top-notch premium tires, and with a little patience, you can even grab them at a discounted price. When you consider the sale price, these tires offer the best value for your money. Opting for a lower-quality brand simply doesn’t make sense.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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7/Pirelli LT235/80R17 120/117R E/10 SCORPION A/T+ RB

Top-rated: 744+++ ratings | 130+++ answered questions

Highlight: The Scorpion All Terrain Plus is a high-performance all-terrain tire specifically engineered for light trucks and SUVs. It provides drivers with exceptional driving capabilities both on and off the road. With a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty, this tire is designed to deliver long-lasting performance and durability.

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: Customers have given excellent testimonials for this product:

“I purchased the Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus radial Tire-275/55R20 113T online due to unavailability locally. The seller promptly shipped the order, and it arrived in Indiana from California within 2 days. Initially, my husband was skeptical about these tires fitting my 4Runner based on internet research, but after comparing the measurements with my car, he confirmed they were a suitable match. Although the fit is slightly tight, there is no interference when turning the wheel. Notably, these tires elevate my car from the road, attributed to their larger size and deeper treads. Nevertheless, I am delighted with their performance, as they provide a smooth ride with no noise or vibrations in the steering. Some reviews I read expressed concerns regarding the manufacturing dates. However, after learning how to decipher the tire numbers and checking mine, I confirmed they were produced in the Fall of 2021. Hence, I have no issues with the seller or the tires. Installation was done by my brother-in-law at a body shop/car lot. As I haven’t had them long enough, I can’t comment on the gas mileage debate yet, but my husband believes any difference will be insignificant. Overall, these Pirelli tires are exceptional for all weather conditions, and I would gladly purchase them again. Interestingly, a set of Pirelli tires on my husband’s SUV, purchased in 2015, has only now reached the point of replacement due to some dry rot, despite having ample tread.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: I came across a glowing testimonial from a satisfied buyer:

“I am pleasantly surprised by the impressive performance and smooth drive on the pavement of these tires. Despite their rugged appearance, they provide a comfortable and responsive ride. They also enhance the overall aesthetic of my Ford F-150.

Unfortunately, I encountered some difficulties with the delivery from Amazon. Two of the tires were canceled, and one replacement ended up getting lost, leaving me with only three out of the four tires from Amazon. Thankfully, I managed to acquire the fourth one from another source.

Considering the price of around $173, I believe it was a worthwhile deal.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: Another rating on this product that I found.

“I encountered an issue with the tires I received; they appear to be manufactured in 2017, making them almost four years old. Uncertain of their storage conditions, I hope that any potential complications will be covered under warranty. It would be beneficial if these details were disclosed to customers, enabling informed decisions on purchasing, as return procedures have become lengthy and intricate.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Updated review: A buyer mentioned that he found this

“After purchasing my truck, I promptly acquired these tires and had them installed by Pep Boys. So far, I am extremely satisfied with their performance. With nearly 30,000 miles on them, they still maintain a pristine appearance. I diligently rotate and balance them every 7500 miles to ensure optimal longevity. Without hesitation, I highly recommend these truck tires to anyone in search of quality and reliability.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Favorite review: Customers have given high marks to this product for its exceptional performance.

“Compared to the Dynapros that come with the truck, there is a world of difference with these tires. The steering response has greatly improved, and I also notice a significant enhancement in ride quality. The newfound traction is truly impressive. At $192 per tire, they offer great value for the money. Initially, I was considering the Nitto Recon Grapplers, but the $60 price difference made me rethink my decision.

Despite Amazon’s fit guarantee stating that these tires are not suitable for a 2018 F150, I can confirm that they fit perfectly and are correctly load rated. They are also rated for peak performance. Once winter arrives, I will update my review. So far, I am inclined to purchase another set once these tires are worn out.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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8/Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 LT235/80R17 120/117R E

Top-rated:  325+++ ratings | 29+++ answered questions

Highlight:  Light Truck Tire

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things:

“I had a frustrating experience with Discount Tire when my brand new 2019 RAM 1500 ran over a metal staple in the sidewall. They initially claimed that the Nexen Roadian tire was discontinued, then said it was on backorder for six months, and even mentioned that it wasn’t rated for my truck (113T). I found their claims unreasonable, considering the truck was brand new and equipped with OEM tires.

After a week of waiting, Discount Tire finally located the tire I needed, but they wanted to charge me $175 and insisted that I had to buy four tires because it’s a 4×4 vehicle. I was extremely upset by their behavior, especially since the truck only had a few thousand miles on it, so I declined their offer.

Instead, I decided to search for the tire on Amazon and found it for just $129. What’s more, I was able to purchase tire installation directly from Amazon as well. I opted for Monro since it was conveniently located near my workplace, and they charged me $24.99 for mounting and balancing. While there were cheaper alternatives like Pep Boys ($19.99) and Sears ($14.99), the distance was a major inconvenience.

Overall, I was delighted to find the tire I needed on Amazon and to have the option of easy installation. A++.”  read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: A buyer mentioned that he found this

“I purchased these tires for my truck based on their value and rating. After 6 months of usage, I have no complaints. I have taken two long trips, each over a thousand miles, with no issues. Additionally, I have towed horses in a trailer without any problems. These tires perform quietly on the road and handle well in rainy conditions. However, I cannot speak to their performance on snow or ice. As long as the expected tread wear holds up, I would not hesitate to purchase these tires again.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

Reassuring review: Another buyer has provided a positive verdict on this product, outlining its advantages.

“As a professional automotive technician, I am highly knowledgeable about Nexens, which is a middle-tier and affordable brand. These tires feature an aggressive pattern without being classified as LT tires. They offer excellent grip in wet weather conditions, while also providing an impressive level of noise reduction. Although it is too early to determine how the tires will sound as they wear, after using them for a month, I can confidently say that I would purchase them again without hesitation.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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9/Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 LT235/80R17 120/117R E

Top-rated: 987+++ ratings | 129+++ answered questions


  • Product Type:Vehicle Tire
  • Item Package Dimension:20.0 ” L X7.0 ” W X20.0 ” H
  • Item Package Weight:25.0 lbs
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico


Reviews of customer

Helpful review: Read all the reassuring feedback from customers who have shared their positive experiences with this product.

“We have been searching for the best tire deal for our recently purchased ’07 Suburban SUV, considering our 2-season state. We wanted tires that are suitable for daily driving and adaptable to various weather conditions like rain and mud. After thorough research and visiting different stores such as Sam’s Club, Pep-Boys, America’s Tire, as well as a local tire shop, we finally found an unbeatable deal. The local tire shop mounted and balanced the tires at a reasonable price, despite us not purchasing the tires from them. Overall, it turned out to be a great value, given that the total cost of 4 tires, including installation, was equivalent to the price of just 3 tires at a big box store. Although we haven’t tested the tires off-road yet, my husband is impressed with their appearance, and I am relieved that we didn’t have to sacrifice our Christmas budget for a road-worthy vehicle. The only drawback is some tire rubbing during U-turns, which is likely due to a combination of the vehicle and the tires. Fortunately, we are planning to install a slight lift, which should help to minimize the rubbing. While buying from a big-box store may offer advantages like warranties, considering the amount we spent on these tires, we can afford to purchase a new one and reinstall it if anything goes wrong.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: I found that some buyers rated this product with the following things:

“These tires may not be top-of-the-line, but they serve well for everyday use. Once mounted, I will provide an update. I must say, Amazon has been invaluable in building my off-road vehicle. During a test drive, I noticed that these tires offer a slightly softer ride compared to the Terra Grappler. It’s now 2019 and after covering 30k miles, these tires have proven to be excellent in snowy conditions. In fact, I’m about to order a second set. Notably, during the recent snowfall in Chino, AZ on 2/21/19, these tires performed exceptionally well in combination with 4-wheel drive.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: Another rating on this product that I found.

“After conducting thorough research, I made an informed decision to purchase these tires. Up until now, I am extremely satisfied with my choice. With approximately 5000 miles on them, these tires not only have an appealing appearance but also offer a remarkably smooth ride. They exhibit outstanding performance in both rainy conditions and while towing my boat in mountainous terrains. Although I haven’t tested them in snowy conditions yet, I anticipate doing so in the upcoming months. In comparison to my previous Cooper Discover tires from Discount Tire, these tires surpass them in every aspect while being more cost-effective by approximately $80 per tire. Only time will determine their long-term durability.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Most-discussed review: Having explored customer reviews, I discovered that many buyers have positively rated this product, highlighting its impressive features and performance.

“I have driven approximately 5,000 miles using these tires, including both highway and back road conditions. They were delivered promptly and were easily balanced (I had access to a road force balancer for personal use).

Switching from 275/55/20 (32″) Michelin Defenders to these 275/65/20 (34″) tires on my 2014 Silverado 1500 with a 6.2-liter engine resulted in noticeable improvements in appearance and traction compared to the all-season Michelins. However, due to the more aggressive tread and larger size/weight, I did experience a decrease in fuel efficiency of around 1-1.5 mpg on average.

As of now, the tire wear is even and as expected. I put my tires through harsh conditions, so if I can achieve 40,000 miles with these, I will not hesitate to repurchase. I will continue to update this review over time.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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10/ Milestar Patagonia A/T R LT235/80R17 E/10PLY BSW

Top-rated: 947+++ ratings | 86+++ answered questions

Highlight: Alternating Open Shoulder Provides a biting grip for superior traction on all types of terrain

Reviews of customer

Helpful review: One buyer shared their experience, noting the positive aspects of this product.

“I was in need of new tires for my RV but didn’t want to spend $200 per tire for a vehicle that is rarely used. RV tires tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to those on cars or trucks since they are driven infrequently. Typically, I can expect around four years of use from my RV tires. With that in mind, I was on the lookout for decent tires that met my RV requirements without breaking the bank.

Despite the lack of reviews, I found a set of tires priced at $96 each that matched both my RV’s size and budget. These 10-ply tires with an E rating were promptly delivered and I had all six installed, mounted, and balanced. Upon inspection, I noticed the tread had an aggressive design that provided excellent traction on highways and packed surfaces, which is beneficial for driving in bad weather. However, the standout feature was how quiet these tires were. In comparison to the Firestone tires I had previously, the road noise was significantly reduced. They were so quiet that I initially had concerns. But the difference was astonishing.

Within the first week, I drove 1000 miles on these tires and they exceeded my expectations in every way. Although I took a chance on these Milestar tires, a company I had not heard of before, their longevity (established in 1959) and non-Chinese production (based in Thailand) convinced me. So far, I couldn’t be happier. If you’re in search of reasonably priced light truck tires, these Milestar tires are an excellent choice. In fact, I paid only a fraction of what I would have at Costco for comparable quality tires (6 in total).

I want to emphasize that I neither received these tires for free nor am I being paid by the company to endorse them. I am also not a Chinese product rating farm. My only aim was to find decent tires at the best price, and I succeeded. I am so impressed with these tires that I plan to order the same model for my Ram truck. I will provide an update on their performance in a year, but I have no doubt they will perform well.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Trending review: This product has received a rave review from a satisfied customer who

“First impressions were great when I bought the (size) for my 2003 F250. These tires have exceeded my expectations in terms of ride quality and reduced body roll compared to the Cooper AT3s they replaced. Not only are they whisper quiet on the road, but they also perform exceptionally well in various conditions, including rain and snow. The mud performance is satisfactory for an all-terrain tire, and I particularly appreciate their stability while towing. Although I do wish they had white letters to enhance the old-school look. Overall, these tires have proven to be an excellent choice that I continue to love even after a year of use.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Reassuring review: 1 customer felt this product was safe to use on ice and snow

“I purchased these tires because of their affordability and my need for replacements before the Alaskan winter arrived. However, I soon found myself driving on the treacherous Alcan (Alaska Canada Highway) and relocating to Utah during the harshest period of the year. To my pleasant surprise, these tires performed exceptionally well on icy and snowy surfaces. I highly recommend them.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.


Favorite review: A buyer mentioned some notable aspects of this product in their review.

“I purchased these tires for my 2011 RAM 1500 2×4 since the original ones weren’t suitable for snowy conditions. Although I initially wanted dedicated winter/snow tires, the high cost for this specific size (20” diameter rims) dissuaded me. Instead, I opted for these all-season radials, which have proven to be excellent so far! Despite driving in snowy conditions, traction hasn’t been an issue. To enhance their performance, I have 300 lbs. of sand securely fastened to the inside of the tailgate, providing an alternative to a 4×4 setup. In addition to their functionality, I appreciate the aesthetic and feel they bring to my truck. By slightly increasing the tire pressure to 40 lbs, I have achieved a satisfactory result. Regarding gas mileage, it’s difficult to determine due to the previous set of tires being the wrong size, resulting in artificially inflated readings. With the properly sized tires, I anticipated a decrease in gas mileage, which has been the case. Despite this, these tires are a great value, visually appealing, and negate the need for seasonal swaps since they are all-season radials.” – read full review of customer on Amazon here.

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3 thoughts on “The best lt235 80r17 dually tires: I Read And Reviewed”

  1. 1. Michelin LTX M-S2, 4.3 76 Reviews ; 2. Michelin LTX A-T2, 4.2 100 Reviews ; 3. Pirelli Scorpion ATR, 4.1 187 Reviews ; 4. Cooper Discoverer S-T MAXX

  2. I transported RVs just like bsmith. My truck was equipped with Michelins, which provided an impressive average of 85,000 miles per set. While they may not offer the same traction as BFG K02s, their durability outshines the competition. Personally, I’ve had mixed experiences with Michelin tires on my other vehicles, but I’ve found them to work exceptionally well on my dually, so I’ve stuck with them. Interestingly, BFG is actually owned by Michelin and is considered a lower tier line.

    Here are the details of my setup:
    2022 Cougar Half Ton 24RDS
    2017 F350 DRW 6.7L

  3. I have been using them for my 2017 Dodge Ram 3500, and I continue to rely on their services. Their products have consistently met my expectations and have been a valuable addition to my vehicle.


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