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How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

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Welcome, everyone! I recently got a new Accord over the weekend and decided to inquire about getting a ceramic coating for my car. After reaching out to a couple of nearby shops, I discovered that both of them use Gtech (not sure of the exact name) for the coating. One shop quoted me $800, while the other one quoted $350. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve been to the $350 shop before with my old car, and they did an impressive job cleaning it up for just $120. This makes me feel confident that they offer quality work at an affordable price.

However, I have some concerns about opting for a $350 ceramic coating job. I worry that the quality might not meet my expectations, especially considering that my car is currently in fantastic condition. Ceramic coatings are gaining popularity in the automotive industry due to their durability and relatively lower cost compared to traditional paint jobs. But with the diverse range of packages available, it can be challenging to determine the actual cost of ceramic coating.

In this blog post, we aim to clarify the various costs associated with ceramic coatings for your car, covering everything from the cost of ceramic paint coating to the costs of wheel and trim coatings. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision that aligns with both your budget and style.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a popular term used to describe various products that are applied in a similar manner. It is essentially a silica-based resin that is used to seal and protect the painted surface of a vehicle. Unlike wax, ceramic coating is extremely durable and can last for years, providing excellent water and dirt repellency. One example of a high-quality ceramic coating is Ethos Ceramic Matrix, a DIY 9H coating that offers long-term protection.

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The key to ceramic coating lies in its ability to chemically bond with the car’s surface, creating an invisible shield that seals it from external elements. This is especially important because of the microscopic pores present in the car’s clear coat and paint. The ceramic coating fills these pores, resulting in a smoother and more uniform surface.

Another impressive option in the ceramic coating category is Ethos Graphene Matrix coating. Similar to other ceramic coatings in terms of application, it offers even better results due to its implementation of carbon-based graphene technology. This advanced material provides increased resilience and longevity.

Ceramic Coating Cost Estimates

Ceramic Paint Coating Cost:

  • Ceramic paint spray coating: starting from $150
  • Consumer ceramic paint coating: starting from $600
  • Professional ceramic paint coating: starting from $1,000

Ceramic Glass Coating Cost:

  • Ceramic glass coating (windshield): starting from $75
  • Ceramic glass coating (all windows): starting from $200

Ceramic Wheel Coating Cost:

  • Ceramic wheel coating (faces only): starting from $200
  • Ceramic wheel coating (faces and barrels): starting from $400

Ceramic Trim Coating Cost:

  • Ceramic trim coating: starting from $100

Why Are Ceramic Coatings So Expensive?

Investing in ceramic coating for automobiles is a worthwhile but somewhat expensive endeavor. The cost of the product itself can exceed $60 per fluid ounce, making it a significant part of the overall expense.

Ceramic coating products are typically sold in small quantities, measured in milliliters rather than ounces like most other car detailing products. For a single vehicle, a DIY ceramic coating application can cost around $200 to cover the entire exterior surface.

For those looking to coat multiple vehicles, larger bottles are available at a lower price per milliliter. This can result in a cost savings of around 45%, bringing the cost down to $110 per application or $91 per vehicle when coating four cars instead of two.

However, it’s important to note that larger bottles may pose a challenge when it comes to maximizing savings. Once opened, ceramic coating products have a limited shelf life of a few weeks, making it difficult to use up any leftovers before they expire.

Here is the breakdown of the costs for ceramic coating products:

  • Ceramic paint coating (30ml) = $60
  • Ceramic glass coating (30ml) = $40
  • Ceramic wheel coating (30ml) = $50
  • Ceramic trim coating (30ml) = $45

For larger vehicles, the bigger 50ml bottle of ceramic paint coating will be needed to ensure full coverage and protection.

-Other Expenses

The cost of materials typically ranges between $60 and $100, varying based on specific product requirements and the quantity purchased. Although most car owners won’t need large quantities of products, higher initial costs are associated with purchasing in bulk.

In addition to product expenses, the overall cost of a complete ceramic coating application for a well-maintained car includes time and labor. On average, it takes around 15 hours to perform this task, but extensive paint correction may require 20 hours or more. Keep in mind that larger vehicles require additional product quantities due to their larger surface area.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic coating outperforms traditional wax in several ways, making it a popular choice among detailers and car owners. Unlike wax, which quickly loses its effectiveness and requires frequent reapplication, ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection and durability.

Here are the key benefits of ceramic coating:

-Superior Longevity: While wax lasts only a few weeks, ceramic coating can endure for three years or more. For even more extended protection, consider graphene coating, which can last up to ten years.

-Easy Application: Although the preparation process requires some time, applying ceramic coating is quick and straightforward, requiring minimal effort.

-Hydrophobic Properties: The molecular structure of ceramic coating promotes hydrophobicity, causing water to bead off the paint effortlessly.

-Scratch Resistance: Premium ceramic coatings like those offered by Ethos rank high on the Mohs hardness scale, boasting a 9H or better rating. This exceptional hardness ensures excellent abrasion resistance.

-Protection from Environmental Factors: Ceramic coating shields your car’s paint from the detrimental effects of bird droppings, rain, and other environmental contaminants.

Can I Apply Ceramic Coating Myself?

Applying ceramic coating can be a rewarding DIY project, especially if you enjoy detailing your car. However, it’s important to allocate sufficient time for achieving impressive results. The key to success lies not only in the application itself but also in thorough preparation.

Before delving into the process, it’s crucial to understand that ceramic coating necessitates meticulousness. By sealing the paint, any imperfections, residue, or scratches will become more apparent. To ensure a flawless finish, it’s recommended to apply the coating before accumulating mileage on a new car, before dirt and dust have adhered to the paint, and prior to any noticeable scratches.

To prepare your vehicle for the coating, consider using the Ethos Detox prep spray to eliminate any debris that has firmly latched onto the surface. Additionally, a comprehensive wipe-down using a clay bar or clay mitt can provide an extra layer of protection.

If your car isn’t brand new, don’t worry! Although it may require more preparation, detoxing the paint is equally essential. After the detox process, it’s crucial to use a polisher to eliminate any visible scratches or swirl marks, ensuring they don’t affect the final result of the ceramic coating.

Professional Application vs Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Coating

Are you familiar with professional ceramic coating? You may have come across advertisements or even had it offered as a service by the dealership when purchasing a new car. However, there are a few things to consider: the quality of the job and the specific product being used. If you’re confident in your abilities, it’s not only a great way to save money but also to ensure the job is done properly. Additionally, you may be wondering about the cost. Will it be $899, $1,299, or even $1,999 for a new car?

Opting for a professional ceramic coating on a used car can be a wise decision if you’re unsure about the proper preparation steps. It’s important to note that incorrect use of a power polisher can permanently damage the paint, resulting in a worse appearance. However, the majority of the cost lies within the preparation process. Perhaps a possible solution is to have a professional detailer prepare your car while you perform the ceramic coating yourself. This way, you can ensure a satisfying outcome without breaking the bank.

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FAQs about How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost

How much does a ceramic coating cost?

The cost of applying a ceramic coating to paint varies depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. For paint-only applications, prices start at $600 and can exceed $1,000. If the procedure includes the glass, wheels, and trim, the cost increases by a few hundred dollars. To coat all exterior surfaces of a car, truck, or SUV, the price ranges from $1,100 to $1,650. These estimates cover minor paint correction and are applicable to both new and well-maintained vehicles.

How much does a professional ceramic coating cost?

The cost of installing a professional ceramic coating on the paint varies depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. It starts around $1,000 to $1,400. When coating the glass, wheels, and trim surfaces, the cost increases by a few hundred dollars. For a comprehensive application of a professional ceramic coating on all exterior surfaces of a car, truck, or SUV, the price ranges from $1,400 to $2,000. The price estimates include a minor paint correction, which is suitable for new and well-maintained vehicles.

How much does it cost to ceramic coat a car?

Ceramic coating for all exterior surfaces of a car starts at $1,100. While the initial cost may seem high, it’s a worthwhile investment. The process, which takes around 15 hours to complete, only needs to be done every few years.

For a comprehensive ceramic coating, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Ceramic paint coating: $600
  • Ceramic glass coating: $200
  • Ceramic wheel coating: $200
  • Ceramic trim coating: $100

How much does it cost to ceramic coat an SUV?

SUV Ceramic Coating Pricing: Exterior surfaces of an SUV can be ceramic coated starting at $1,300. This cost is higher than for a car due to the larger size and the need for a work platform or ladder to reach the roof.

Time Required: For minor paint correction, the ceramic coating process typically takes around 18 hours. In cases where the paint has multiple scratches and swirl marks, the surface requires compounding and polishing, resulting in an additional charge of $250 or more.

Pricing Breakdown:

  • Ceramic paint coating: $750
  • Ceramic glass coating: $200
  • Ceramic wheel coating: $200
  • Ceramic trim coating: $150

How much does it cost to ceramic coat a truck?

Our professional ceramic coating service offers comprehensive protection for your truck’s exterior surfaces. Pricing starts at $1,450, with full-size pickup trucks incurring additional costs and time. For new trucks or those with light scratches and swirls, our minor paint correction takes approximately 20 hours. Neglected paint requiring compounding will incur an additional cost of $300 or more.

Here’s the breakdown of our ceramic coating options:

  • Ceramic paint coating: $900
  • Ceramic glass coating: $200
  • Ceramic wheel coating: $200
  • Ceramic trim coating: $150

Is car Ceramic Coating Durable?

A ceramic coating is a durable solution applied to a vehicle’s exterior surface for protection. It forms a hydrophobic layer that blends with the paint, creating a strong barrier against dirt and stains. Unlike waxing, it lasts longer and withstands normal weather conditions without degrading.

SiO2, or Silicon Dioxide, is a crucial component in ceramic coatings. It creates a strong chemical bond with the clear coat, providing a durable protective layer between your car and the elements. With proper maintenance, a ceramic coating can last anywhere between two and five years, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to protect their car’s paintwork.


The cost of ceramic coating for your car can vary significantly. Professional application of a ceramic coating can range from $1,000 to over $3,000. If you decide to have additional surfaces coated and include paint correction services, the price can increase further. Investing in a ceramic coating is an effective method to safeguard and maintain your vehicle’s appearance. Before proceeding, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and ensure that your chosen installer provides comprehensive explanations and suitable options to optimize the coating for your needs.

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  1. Last weekend, I purchased a new Accord and I’m excited to get a ceramic coating for my car. I reached out to a few nearby shops for quotes and found that both use Gtech (forgot exact name) for the coating. One shop quoted $800, while the other offered a price of $350. I’ve come across posts mentioning coatings that cost over $1000.

    I’ve actually been to the $350 shop before with my old car, and they did an impressive job of cleaning it up for just $120. Therefore, I believe this place offers quality work at a reasonable price.

    However, I do have concerns about the $350 ceramic coating. I worry that it may not meet my expectations or that it might not match the excellent condition of my car.


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