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[2023 Updated] How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck?

Are you thinking about getting your truck wrapped? Wrapping a car or truck can be an exciting and creative way to add some personality and style to your vehicle. Whether you’re using it as a canvas to showcase your branding, sprucing up an old ride with bright colors and designs, or something else entirely, wrapping a truck is becoming increasingly popular at an affordable cost. But before jumping in head first, let’s address the question of how much does it cost to wrap a truck?

In this blog post we dive into different factors that affect the cost of wrapping your vehicle so you have all the information needed when making this important decision. So keep reading if you’re curious about what goes into pricing out car wraps!


Full Or Partial Wraps

If you’re in the market for a truck wrap, you may wonder whether a full or partial one is best for your needs. While both have their benefits, full wraps provide more coverage and protection for your vehicle, while partial wraps are ideal for adding a personalized touch or advertising brand logos.

Additionally, partial wraps generally cost less due to the lesser amount of materials and labor required for installation.


Applying a Truck Wrap

Before applying the wrap to your vehicle, it is important to prep it with a full detailing service. This will ensure that the surface is clean and free from debris, which will help with the overall adhesion of the wrap. Certain components of your vehicle, such as lights and bumpers, may also need to be removed to ensure that the wrap can be applied correctly.

Once the prep work is complete, the wrap can be carefully positioned and smoothed out. The use of a heat gun may be necessary to help with adhesion and shrinking, especially for complex graphics.

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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck?

When it comes to getting your truck wrapped, cost is definitely a factor to consider. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the truck, how detailed the design is, and what materials are used.

On average, a full truck wrap can range from $2,000 to $4,000. This includes expenses for design, printing, and installation of the wrap.


If you’re unsure of what your particular needs may cost, your best bet is to contact a professional wrapping company for an accurate quote.

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What Factors Determine The Cost Of A Vinyl Wrap?

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of a vinyl wrap. Here are some things to consider:

– Design complexity

– The number of layers and vinyl used

– Quality of materials used

– Size and type of vehicle being wrapped

– Shipping costs for any necessary materials or tools

– Labor costs for professional installation

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Types Of Vinyl Wraps

How-Much-Does-it-Cost-To-Wrap-A-Truck (2)
How-Much-Does-it-Cost-To-Wrap-A-Truck (2)

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a table below featuring some of the most common types of vinyl wraps along with their corresponding impact on the cost of wrapping a truck.

Type of Vinyl WrapDescriptionTypical Cost per Roll
Gloss Vinyl WrapsSmooth and sleek finish with a variety of colors. Great option for a premium look on a budget.$159
Matte Vinyl WrapsContemporary look and feel with a range of colors. Ideal for a unique and modern look.$149-$159
Chrome Vinyl WrapsHighly reflective and almost mirror-like appearance. Perfect for an eye-catching look.$169
Metallic Vinyl WrapsSix textures available for an affordable way to give your vehicle a luxurious look.$159
Glitter Vinyl WrapsWide array of colors available for adding personality and flair.$169
Satin Vinyl WrapsLuxurious high-end look at an attractive price. Great choice for a premium finish on a budget.$169
Carbon Fiber Vinyl WrapsMimics the visual appearance of actual carbon fiber. Perfect for a high-tech and sporty look.$169


Truck Sizes and Vinyl Wrap Requirements

When it comes to wrapping a truck, the size and model of the vehicle can impact the amount of vinyl wrap needed. Below are some common truck sizes and their corresponding vinyl wrap requirements:

Small SUVs

Small SUVs, such as the Hyundai Tucson, typically require 5ft x 65.5ft of vinyl to wrap. These vehicles have dimensions of approximately 1.52m x 20m.

Larger SUVs

Larger SUVs, like the Ford Expedition, require more vinyl than smaller SUVs. To wrap a larger SUV, you’ll typically need 5ft x 75.4ft of vinyl. The dimensions of a larger SUV are approximately 1.52m x 23m.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks, like the Toyota Hilux, are another popular vehicle for vinyl wraps. These trucks have dimensions of approximately 1.52m x 23m and require 5ft x 75.4ft of vinyl to wrap.

Truck Cabs

If you’re looking to wrap a truck cab, you’ll need to consider the size of the cab. Most truck cabs measure 1.52m x 18m and require 5ft x 59ft of vinyl to wrap.

Small Vans

Small vans are another popular option for vinyl wraps. These vehicles typically measure 1.52m x 18m and require 5ft x 59ft of vinyl to wrap.

Large Vans

For larger vans, you’ll need more vinyl to get the job done. Large vans are approximately 1.52m x 25m in size and require 5ft x 82ft of vinyl to wrap them completely.


Preparing Your Truck to be Wrapped

When it comes to getting a vehicle wrap, it’s important to prep your truck beforehand. One of the biggest factors to consider is the cleanliness of your car.

Making sure it’s washed and free of dirt and grime is crucial to ensuring a smooth and flawless installation. While reputable shops should do this as standard practice, it doesn’t hurt to take the extra step to help “fail-proof” your wrap.

However, it’s also important to note that the appearance of dents and rust may still be visible after the wrap is applied. This is why many installers are hesitant to wrap a rusty vehicle, as it puts the quality and longevity of their work at risk.

In short, do your part and make sure your truck is clean and dent-free before applying that new wrap.


Maintaining Your Truck Wrap

Investing in a truck wrap can provide a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to protect your truck’s paint job. However, it’s important to be aware of the environmental hazards that can cause damage to the wrap.

Extreme temperatures, such as those experienced during hot summer months, can cause vinyl to crack, making it best to park in a garage or shaded area.

In colder climates, frequent washing is crucial to prevent salt damage to the wrap and undercarriage. While there is potential for damage, the wrap still provides a valuable layer of protection for your truck’s paint.

And, if the time for a replacement does come, the cost is comparable to the initial installation plus $500 for labor to remove the old wrap.

How-Much-Does-it-Cost-To-Wrap-A-Truck (3)
How-Much-Does-it-Cost-To-Wrap-A-Truck (3)

FAQs about How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck

How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap Last?

Generally, a vinyl wrap will last anywhere from 5 to 7 years before it needs to be replaced.

Does a Vinyl Wrap Damage the Vehicle’s Paint?

No, the adhesive used in a vinyl wrap only attaches itself to the surface of the vehicle and does not damage its paint. Additionally, when it’s removed correctly after its lifetime, the original paint will remain intact.

Do You Have To Replace The Whole Wrap If a Part of it Gets Damaged?

No, only the damaged part needs to be replaced and not the entire wrap. This is one of the many benefits of vinyl wraps over traditional paint jobs since they are much easier and less expensive to repair.

Can I Pressure Wash my Vehicle Wrap?

If you’ve invested in a wrapped car, you’ll want to take extra care when it comes to cleaning it. You don’t want to risk damaging the wrap or the underlying paintwork, so it’s important to use caution when pressure washing.

Keep the water pressure below 2000 psi and use a 40 degree wide-angle spray pattern. Also, make sure that the wrap is completely dry before washing and avoid using too much pressure that can lead to ripping or tearing.

Lastly, remember to rinse off all soap residue to avoid any discoloration or damage to the paintwork underneath.

How durable is vinyl wrap on a truck?

Vinyl wraps are an incredibly long-lasting option for your truck. Not only do they last much longer than traditional paint jobs, but on average you can expect them to keep their good looks between 2 and 10 years!

Should I Wax my Truck Wrap?

Brads Cartunes suggests steering clear of wax and other coatings, while touchless car washes are a safe bet for keeping graphics looking their best. Brush car washes can lead to dulling or even lifting of edges if not used sparingly.

Is it better to paint or wrap a truck?

If you’re considering how to give your truck a fresh look, you may be wondering whether to opt for paint or a wrap. In terms of longevity, vehicle wraps tend to come out on top. While a well-executed paint job can last a lifetime, average paint jobs will likely need to be redone within a few years. On the other hand, a top-tier wrap can give your truck a durable update that’ll stick around for up to a decade.

What color is best for truck wrap?

When it comes to truck wraps, black and white are typically the most popular colors. Black is a cost-effective color that conveys both sophistication and strength, while white can provide an understated elegance for your vehicle. However, there are a variety of other options available if you’re looking for something more eye-catching. Bright blues, reds, and greens can be used to make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Can you wrap a truck with bad paint?

If there are visible imperfections, such as an ‘orange peel’ effect caused by excess paint, a vinyl wrap may not be the solution you’re looking for. In fact, attempting to wrap a truck with bad paint could ultimately make the imperfections even more noticeable. We recommend taking the time to repair any paint damage and allow for proper cure time before applying a vinyl wrap.

Is car wrap good in hot weather?

If you’re considering a car wrap for your fleet, keep in mind that the ideal temperature is between 60-80 degrees. This prevents the vinyl film from becoming too soft or stiff which could lead to wrinkles and creases appearing on your graphics over time!

How long after car wrap can I wash it?

To ensure the longevity of your new look, wait at least five days before washing. After that point, make sure to give your vehicle a bath once every week for best maintenance results!


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how much does it cost to wrap a truck and answered any questions that you have had.

After considering all the factors, it’s safe to say that the cost of wrapping a truck varies greatly depending on the size of the vehicle and how elaborate you want your design to be. If done correctly, a wrapped truck will surely turn heads and be a great investment for any business.

Have an estimate in mind before talking to companies is always useful so you can evaluate their proposals against that number. Ultimately the price tag of a truck wrap is well worth the cost if it results in gaining customers or brings positive attention to your brand.

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