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How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth?

Don’t know where to find the answer to the question how much is a catalytic converter worth? Catalytic converters have long been used as an invaluable component that helps reduce pollution and emissions from cars.

“Inquiring about the actual value of a catalytic converter as I’m disassembling a car and aim to maximize profit from the cat. (Vehicle specifics: 2005 RSX Type S)”

How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth

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How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth?

Catalytic converters aren’t just essential for minimizing the environmental impact of your ride; they’re a treasure trove under the hood.

Packed with precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, these components play a crucial role in purifying noxious gases released from your engine’s exhaust.

But there’s an exciting twist for car enthusiasts and scrap collectors alike. When refined and recycled, the precious metals contained in these converters can fetch a pretty penny.

What is the outcome when they are recycled?

The amount of precious metals found in each catalytic converter varies by the vehicle’s make, model, and the specific application of the converter. To extract these valuable metals, the process involves slicing the converter open to access and then process the “honeycomb” structure within.

This material is pulverized, producing a powder that undergoes refining to extract precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Though each converter contains only small quantities of these metals, the volume significantly increases with the number of converters recycled concurrently.

The valuation of catalytic converters is influenced by the specific type of converter, which can be identified through photographs and serial numbers. The team at Brad’s Car Tunes prides itself on providing precise and equitable pricing for these components.

Prices Are Constantly Changing

Catalytic Converters Can Be Worth $20 – $800+

The value of catalytic converters fluctuates frequently due to changes in the commodities market. However, the Brad’s Car Tunes Team ensures you always have the latest information by regularly updating our quote prices and price list on our website. This helps you get a reliable estimate of your converter’s value.

Our Price List is refreshed daily on our website, offering you a ballpark figure of what your catalytic converter might be worth. Keep in mind, though, that because these are average prices for standard units, the actual value of your specific converter may vary. For the most accurate assessment, we recommend sending our team photos and/or the serial numbers of your converters.

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
National Catalytic Converter Average$69.36/each
Large Foreign Cat$67-$455/each
XL Foreign Cat$157-$304/each
Regular Domestic Cat$18-$132/each
Large GM Cat$76-$285/each
Flow Cats$15-$450/each
Bead Cat$18-$247/each
Exotic Cat$200-$568/each
Torpedo Cat$110-$1150/each
Small Foreign Cat$15-$217/each
Medium Foreign Cat$36-$421/each
Pre-Domestic Cat$14-$93/each
Foreign Pre-Cat$16-$227/each
High Grade Domestic Cat$40-$608/each
Small GM Cat$18-$79/each
Small Breadloaf Cat$40-$304/each
Large Breadloaf Cat$46-$504/each
Small Domestic Cat$21-$170/each
Large Chrysler Cat$89-$275/each
Foreign Lite$11-$87/each
Small Foil/Wire$18-$86/each
Large Foil/Wire Cat$67-$341/each
Foil/Wire Pre$6-$58/each
Half CatVaries, Ask
Aftermarket Cat$10/each
Diesel Cat$15-$485/each
DPF Catalytic Converter$9-$769/each


What are catalytic converters used for?

The catalytic converter is an essential component in reducing vehicle emissions, transforming hazardous gases from exhaust into substances that are less harmful to the environment. Constructed from a combination of metal and ceramic structured into honeycombs or blocks, these devices utilize precious metals such as platinum, palladium, or rhodium.

These metals act as catalysts, facilitating the chemical breakdown of hydrocarbons found in gasoline. This process effectively minimizes the release of carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned fuel – both considered dangerous pollutants.

The catalytic reaction helps to eliminate other harmful emissions including nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SOx), and particulate matter, thereby contributing to cleaner air.

-How long does it last

Upgrading your vehicle’s catalytic converter? You might be in for some savings. The value of your old converter could surprise you, especially since these devices typically last up to 200,000 miles. Original, factory-installed converters tend to hold more value over time compared to their pre-owned counterparts, thanks to their longer-lasting durability.

-Why are cat converter scrap prices high?

If you’re thinking about selling your scrap car, you might be curious about the value of its catalytic converter. The worth of a catalytic converter is determined by the precious metals contained within, which varies based on the car’s exhaust volume and operational temperatures.

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For instance, sports cars and pickup trucks produce more exhaust gases compared to a compact car, necessitating a catalytic converter that’s richer in precious metals to effectively filter the emissions. Conversely, the exhaust systems of hybrid vehicles warm up more slowly.

Given that catalytic converters are most efficient at higher temperatures, hybrids require converters with a higher content of precious metals to maintain efficiency at these lower temperatures.

Join us as we dive deeper into this subject and unveil which catalytic converter ranks as the priciest!

The Most Valuable Catalytic Converters in the Market

The value of these components significantly varies depending on the vehicle brand and model due to the differing quantities of precious metals they contain. Based on 2021 data, leading the pack in terms of value are catalytic converters from high-end vehicles such as:

  • Ferrari F430: $4,500 per unit
  • Lamborghini Aventador: $3,700 per unit
  • Dodge Ram 2500: $4,100 per unit
  • Ford F250: $3,300 per unit
  • Ford Mustang: $1,800 per unit

These figures spotlight a crucial tip for those considering the sale of their vehicle for scrap: enquire with your local scrap yard on the going rate for your catalytic converter to ensure you’re receiving fair value.

Why Catalytic Converters Are Worth Their Weight in Gold (Metaphorically Speaking)

The precious metals rhodium, palladium, and platinum are the secret ingredients that drive the value of catalytic converters. Found in varying amounts within the converters, these metals are prized for their rarity and extensive applications across various industries, thus fetching a handsome sum in the scrap market.

When reaching out to a recycling yard, the price quoted for your catalytic converter will primarily reflect the current market rates for these precious metals. This price can fluctuate, but typically, converters fetch more than standard scrap metal due to the intrinsic value of the materials they contain.

Precious Metal Content in Catalytic Converters

The retail value of a catalytic converter is predominantly determined by its content of precious metals. Standard converters house around 3-7 grams of platinum, alongside palladium and rhodium, though the exact quantity varies by the car’s make and model.

Valuation of Precious Metals in Catalytic Converters

A typical catalytic converter consists of approximately 13 ounces of tungsten, constituting about 90% of its weight and valuing roughly at $40 on the market. Smaller quantities of copper, lead, and nickel are also present.

Platinum, making up about 0.03% of the converter’s weight, is priced at approximately $38 per gram, while rhodium can reach up to $625 per gram as of 2021.

Catalytic Converters Rich in Platinum

The Ford F250, Dodge Ram 2500, and Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe 63 were identified as having the highest platinum content in 2021. Depending on their precious metals content, these catalytic converters’ values ranged between $1,000 to $3,300.

The Priciest Catalytic Converter

In 2020, the Ferrari F430 boasted the most expensive catalytic converter, priced at $4,500; worth noting, this model requires two converters. Besides supercars, high-value converters are also found in specific pickup models like the Dodge Ram and Ford F250.

Role of Platinum in Catalytic Converters

Platinum is a key component in catalytic converters, acting as a catalyst to prevent the formation of nitrogen oxides during fuel combustion. These emissions are a primary cause of acid rain and smog, thereby pointing to the environmental significance of platinum in these devices.

Worth of a Prius Catalytic Converter

The Toyota Prius is notably targeted for catalytic converter theft due to its higher content of rhodium, palladium, and platinum compared to other vehicles, fetching around $2,000 for a new one. The high demand for these metals across various industries makes theft a tempting option for some individuals.

How Much Does a Toyota Catalytic Converter Cost?

How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth (1)

The truth is, the price varies depending on several factors, including your car model and the size and weight of the catalytic converter. However, if you’re looking to sell your old catalytic converter as scrap, you may be pleasantly surprised by the value you can get. In fact, prices for scrap catalytic converters can range from $75 all the way up to $700.

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