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What Is The Color Of Power Steering Fluid?

At Brad’s Car Tunes, we believe in providing our customers with a comprehensive guide to the common fluids found in their vehicles, along with their respective colors. So, what is the color of power steering fluid? This valuable resource will assist you in identifying any leaks that may occur in your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. While it’s important to note that certain automotive fluids in your vehicle may share the same color, our team of professionals is always available to offer expert assistance. Without further ado, let’s delve into the automotive fluids present in your car and discover their distinctive colors.

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What Do the Colors of Power Steering Fluid Mean?

Fresh power steering fluid can come in a variety of colors. The most common ones include red and very light brown, although clear or pink power steering fluid may also be used by some manufacturers. In European vehicles, you may even find it in green. This variety in color is helpful in distinguishing it from automatic transmission fluid (ATF), which is typically red and more suitable for certain Ford vehicles.

“Power steering fluid comes in two common colors: red and a very light brown. In European vehicles, it is sometimes green.”

what color is transmission fluid
what color is transmission fluid

Here is an organized guide to the automotive fluids in your car, along with their respective colors.

-Brake Fluid: Brake fluid, essential for your vehicle’s braking system, ranges in color from amber to black depending on age and condition. When fresh, it appears as amber or light brown, gradually darkening over time. While some brake fluids exhibit a yellow hue, all brake fluid possesses a slick and oily consistency.

-Engine Coolant: Engine coolant presents itself in a variety of colors, making it easily identifiable under the hood of your car. By inspecting the radiator overflow reservoir, which is transparent, you can determine the coolant color. Expect to find shades of blue, green, red, or yellow, each serving its specific purpose.

-Motor Oil: Notably, motor oil shares a similar color with brake fluid—it ranges from light brown when new to dark brown or black when old and dirty. However, motor oil lacks the slickness of brake fluid, distinguishing the two. Both fluids, though, play a critical role in maintaining your vehicle’s optimal performance.

-Power Steering Fluid: Recognizable by its red color, power steering fluid may occasionally be challenging to differentiate from coolant if the coolant is also red. To discern between the two, locate the power steering reservoir and check for leaks from beneath it or from the radiator, if applicable.

-Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid, reddish in hue, typically leaks from the center of your vehicle’s transmission rather than the front where the engine is situated. Bright red fluid signifies new transmission fluid, while a brown-to-black shade indicates the need for a change. If the transmission fluid appears pink, it indicates a mixture with coolant, which may indicate more significant automotive issues.

What To Do if Your Power Steering Fluid Is Black

Changing the power steering fluid from black is not reversible. The optimal solution is to fully drain the power steering system and refill it with fresh fluid. Although the process of flushing the power steering system can be messy and complicated, you have two options: hire a mechanic to do it for you or do it yourself if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit greasy.

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  1. Two red fluids are used by your vehicle: automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Both of these fluids serve as hydraulic fluids, ensuring the proper functioning of your vehicle’s transmission and power steering systems.


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