Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking?

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Are you noticing that your tire pressure light is flashing on the dashboard of your car more frequently than normal? Understanding what this problem could be and making sure it’s resolved quickly can help keep both you and your vehicle safe on the road.

In this blog post, we tackle why your tire pressure light may be blinking, explore some common causes behind it, and provide steps to take if you need to fix a problem. Keep reading to discover why your tire pressure light might be blinking so often!

What does a flashing tire pressure light mean?

If you’re driving and a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light illuminates a solid and then flashing for 60-90 seconds, that’s a sign of a serious issue.

It means one or more of the sensors are not communicating with the vehicle. The issues causing this could vary – a damaged sensor, a missing one, a dead battery or even an incorrect sensor being installed in the tire.

Common cause of TPMS Light Flashing?

When you notice your tire pressure light blinking, there’s no need to worry. In most cases, it can be easily remedied by yourself. However, bear in mind that the TPMS cannot be ignored or disregarded – as soon as possible take it to a professional for an inspection.

There are four primary reasons as to why this warning light will appear:

Low Tire Pressure: If you find that your TPMS light is flashing, low tire pressure is likely the main issue. While it could be caused by leakage or a slow loss of air over time, no matter what, you should take the car to safety and check the tire pressure with a gauge.

Make sure each tire’s psi is close to what the manufacturer recommends. Inflating tires to adequate pressure levels is also an easy solution if only one or two tires are low on air. After filling up each tire, carefully drive for a bit of time and check whether the light pops out again when you come to your destination

• An issue with the TPMS sensor itself : If your Tire Pressure Monitoring System flashes for 60 to 90 seconds and stays illuminated, it’s most likely due to a faulty TPMS. Make sure to check and repair or replace any components of your TPMS system as soon as possible – don’t wait until it’s too late!

Incorrectly Installed Tire: If the tire has not been installed properly, then it might cause a flashing light due to incorrect positioning of the TPMS sensor. Therefore, check if all four tires have their sensors firmly secured to ensure that they are working correctly.

Failure to initialize the TPMS: If the TPMS was not properly initialized after installation of new tires, then it can lead to a flashing tire pressure light. Make sure to read your car manual and initialize your TPMS following the steps outlined in there; otherwise, you will have to take your vehicle to a professional for help.

Will the Tire Pressure Light Reset Itself?

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking 2
Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking

No, the tire pressure light will not reset itself. The only way to reset the TPMS light is by manually doing so either through a scan tool or an OBD-II port under your vehicle’s dashboard. This should be done after any repairs have been completed and all new tires have been properly inflated.

What to Do When a Tire Pressure Light Flashes

If your tire pressure light flashes, the first step is to check that all four tires have been inflated correctly. If they are not, pump them up accordingly and ensure you don’t overinflate as this can cause further damage.

Check the tread depth of each tire and consider replacing any that appear to be too worn or balding. It’s also important to inspect your spare tire in case it needs to be used in an emergency situation.

How to Reset Tire Pressure Light?

After you have inflated your tires properly, if you still see a flash of the tire pressure light, there is no need to worry.

Here are some tips for you:

1. For a short duration of 10 minutes, drive at or above 50 mph to enable your vehicle’s sensor to reset the moment you switch on your car.

2. Knowing the location of the tire pressure reset button gives you the ability to quickly and easily reset it. It’s generally located under your steering wheel, but if it’s not so easy to find you could use your car owner’s manual as a reference.

When conducting the reset, make sure you turn your key off and to the “On” position without starting the engine.

Afterwards, press and hold down the reset button until it blinks three times before releasing it. Let your car refresh its sensors for about 20 minutes and voila

3. Pump up all four tires of your car, as well as the spare tire, to 3 PSI above their recommended pressure. Then fully deflate them before reinflating them back to the appropriate psi for optimum performance.

4. Turn off your car and disconnect the positive battery cable using a wrench. Then, turn on your car again and honk the horn for around three seconds in order to release any stored power.

Finally, reconnect your battery and check that the tire pressure light has indeed been reset! Following these steps should help make resetting the tire pressure light quick and simple.

Now you don’t need to worry about the question “Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking”.

Why you should take flashing TPMS seriously?

As a car owner, it’s important to take your flashing TPMS light seriously. Ignoring the warning can put your tires’ longevity, fuel economy and safety at risk.

If your tires are underinflated, they can cause poor tire response and decreased traction; if they’re overinflated, premature wear is also an issue. All of which can ultimately compromise your driving experience (as well as yours and/or others’ safety).

Make sure to make time for inspecting your car tires regularly and following a tire maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance and prevention from any further damage.

FAQs About Why is my tire pressure light blinking?

Can I drive with the TPMS light on?

No, you should avoid driving with a flashing TPMS light as it can cause further damage to your tires. Make sure to take the necessary steps to reset it.

Do all cars have TPMS?

Yes, most modern vehicles manufactured after 2008 are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.

Can I reset my TPMS without special equipment?

Yes, you can reset your tire pressure monitoring system by following the tips provided above.

My low tire pressure light is blinking, but my tires are fine?

It may be due to a straightforward slow leak or the TPMS sensors require resetting.

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Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking

The tire pressure reset button is usually located under your steering wheel, though it can vary depending on the car make and model. You can refer to your car owner’s manual for its exact location.


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Many factors can result in a tire pressure light blinking, but the most common is simply that the tires are low on air. If your light is blinking, check your tire pressure and fill them up accordingly. You should also have your tires inspected for any possible punctures or other damage.

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